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April 17, 2008 - Your Guide to Winning Federal Business

The Big Picture: Understanding Fortune #1
Presented by Kevin Plexico, INPUT

In this session, Mr. Plexico will provide insights and an industry forecast of the U.S. federal technology market, focusing on key issues and opportunities for vendors considering entry into the market. He will address technology trends as well as acquisition trends that provide a perspective to senior executives on the challenges and opportunities facing technology providers.

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Winning Business through Systems Integrators
Presented by Harold Youra, Alliance Solutions

Alliance Solutions is a business development outsource firm working with hardware and software vendors selling to the federal government. The value Alliance Solutions brings to a product company is at the Information Technology tactical sales level. We focus on defining the sales opportunity and the modes to market, working with both the government and federal integrator community. Alliance Solutions¹ focus is on connecting vendors, end-users and integrators efficiently and effectively for teaming on selected programs. Working together we can maximize a vendor partner¹s time for higher profitability.

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Navigating the Federal Purchase Process to Win Sales
Presented by Anne Armstrong, 1105 Government Information Group

The government IT buying process is a collaborative, year-long cycle that integrally involves multiple players across each decision-making stage. Learn who the key players are, what they influence and what roles they play in product purchasing. In addition, gain insights into buying criteria and priorities so that you can cost-effectively tailor your marketing strategies to drive leads and generate sales.

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Branding and Lead Generation: Creating New Business Developments Opportunities
Presented by Larry Rosenfeld, Sage Communications

The federal market is unique and requires a different marketing communications approach. The federal buying process can take 12 months to three years before contracts are awarded. And once you get a contract, it becomes a hunting license. Learn how to reach the myriad of disciplines involved in buying, reaching the right people with the right message at the right time. Learn how to successfully penetrate the market taking the holistic approach to reach the minds Š and the hearts of buyers.

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Putting it All Together to Increase Revenue and Marketshare
Presented by Paul Garver, Quest Software

Learn how to build your federal marketing and sales from a highly successful software manufacturer. Taking the holistic approach using market research and communications tools to both understand the federal marketplace and how to reach them. Find out how to reach revenue goals by building a powerful brand, enhancing awareness and credibility, developing effective channels, and using successful lead generation programs.

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Your Guide to Winning
Federal Business.

April 17, 2008

AeA Headquarters
Santa Clara, CA

Session I - 8:30 - 12:00
Designed for companies
who want to enter the
U.S. Federal marketplace

Session II - 1:00 - 4:00
Designed for companies
already selling to federal agencies and want to
increase market share

Moderated by:

Goldy Kamali
Executive Director
Government and Commercial Markets GroupAeA

Meet, hear, talk and network with leading experts in federal marketing.

Anne Armstrong
1105 Government Information Group

Kevin Plexico
Senior Vice President

Harold Youra
Alliance Solutions

Larry Rosenfeld
Chief Executive Officer
Sage Communications

And hear directly from a leader who built a federal sales and marketing organization for a large software vendor

Paul Garver
Vice President
Quest Software

AEA Sage Communications INPUT 1105 Media

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